YDA Group, one of the leading companies of Turkey, which is operating in various sectors such as construction, aviation, health and agriculture; has set the bar high for the first time in the housing sector with the slogan 'If you like hard, you'll be delighted', by launching a project highlighted with different social facilities in Ankara.

PARK AVENUE, the city's biggest project built on an area of 133.000 m2 with 1855 apartments, is located on the Anatolia Boulevard, area which gains an inestimable value in Ankara. By means of its location, the project is situated at the intersection of the main roads of Ankara.
YDA Group's officials gave the following information about the project: "PARK AVENUE; will implement for the first time among the housing projects in Turkey, privileges such as, pet habitat, zen garden, open air cinema, adventure trail, model boat pool and skating rink. Among so many others privileges, the project offers a life replete with social facilities such as; outdoor and indoor sports fields, jogging and hiking trails, mixed and women-specific indoor swimming pools, water games enlivened in swimming pools and bike path.
In addition, company's representatives says, the project of "Park Avenue will plant trees for each of our family. We'll create a green area by giving the names of every families to these trees which will constitute a breathable grove. We realise the Park Avenue project beyond the expectations, and by giving priority to the needs of people living in Ankara, particularly with the childcare centre, youth center and a hobby center specific to women. We have the ambition to be the new center of attraction in Ankara, on the side facing the boulevard, with the stores, branding cafes and restaurants situated on the avenue offering different services from clothing to basic needs. We will make available the luxury and comfort in Ankara with specially-designed sport and spa centers.'
Company's officials are pleased to put its signature to such a prestigious project in Ankara, and inform that the first phase built of 4+1 and 3+1 apartments will be delivered on July 2016, as for the second phase on July 2017.
The contractor and the project owner YDA Group is one of the leading companies of Ankara with whom we work as partners.  
The project uses the last tunnel formwork system developed by our company. This system is equipped with a railed system and do not required angle adjustment each time (vertical and horizontal angles). The Park Avenue project uses 3 sets of formworks produced by Neru.
Neru Tunnel Formwork permits to prepare 2000 m2 of concrete surfaces ready to pour at the latest around 11/12 a.m. The use of high quality materials and skilled labour which works on CNC workshops with automatic robots makes the system very usefull and permits to obtain perfect concrete surfaces. That's why the labour sophistication is easier and allows costs savings.
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